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Post  kun21 Sat Nov 19, 2011 4:50 pm

UGG Jimmy Choo Charlie several people face a novel, would have heard some dark ones trained to hawk to emulate these figures are remarkably true person, should really see now, is a big open horizon. "TianMo sacrifice unto the day? And more than 30 days right, also don't know the old man saw his little son suddenly became useless wing yellow magic will have four what kind of expression will be quite wonderful?!" The wind yi heart say with smile. TianMo sacrifice unto the day night a devil king, blood and KuangMo WangSanDa Lord voldemort's gathering, common sacrifices, this is the whole most solemn inferno grand festival. Magic is the devil king JiuDou, recognized inferno heart, three big devil king who also will not account for all the magic for.
Since it is so grand festival, their hands at the end of the line of people from a little softminded person, and it seems to have to get some gold, at least on the momentum can't lose people, the wind yi heart if want to. "Mo", you accompany this young master a walk through the human, Charlie and mean wujiang river city left to continue training shameless." The wind yi tao.Billy looked at the wind yi, moiidea and liu smoke ride far of wildebeest figure, mumbling way: "can't moment in the master is simply follow around as servants of shame, one day I can also be convergence with the master, also can breath and master in and out of the human city."
UGG Sheepskin Cuff Boots At this time of the wind yi after careful make-up, already will all feature are hidden to inferno, put on the human JinWen black robes, that's a good a wind from jun lang youth. "You go to the city going to do what wujiang river?" Liu smoke after a dress becomes as the common ladies general, just body that special temperament is how also can't cover, in she heard the wind yi to human wujiang city, she was also with out. "Hey hey, get some money flower." The wind yi said with a smile. Liu smoke eyebrows a cu, way: "you want to go to the robbery?The wind was a cloud of liu yi baby-talk nicknames, ha ha say with smile: "cloud fairy, it seems that you are still not by understanding I ah, I wind yi. Satan is no level of people? The wujiang river city nature is to have a small business." Liu smoke momentarily, carefully thinking up, it seems that she still want to increase the strength of the Lord about this, but he is always so elusive.
UGG Foxfur Boots A few days later, the three people into the wujiang city. Wujiang city is one of the great city on the edge of the wilderness, is an independent city, do not belong to any human countries have jurisdiction, so everybody here of people gathering, people come and go very lively. The wind yi curiously looked at this antique city, through a city buildings, often can reflect the city's cultural features and background. "Mo", you can know a stranger here, where has the acquisition of magic scroll place?" The wind yi asked. "The auction house transaction halls, where someone special purchase various grades of magic scroll." Moiidea replied. Moiidea lead in, the wind yi three people came to a difference of auction house called the, want to is a difference of the inheritance of the family name. The auction house trading floor seems to be always so crowded, someone here to buy some sold here. Moiidea with wind yi came to a write magic scroll trade window.
UGG Brooks Boots "Honored guests, and do you want to buy what kind of magic scroll, we here from black iron level to level of magic scroll of platinum everything." It's a beautiful young girl sweet smile to ask. "The wind is double the wind blade technique the black iron scroll how much?" The wind yi asked. "Six thousand gold one." Young girl replied. "Then you purchase price is?" The wind yi pick one eyebrow, sell is expensive enough, even if one hundred empty scroll successful one, but the consumption of magic power and energy, the cost price but only one thousand gold pieces, it seems that magic scroll rendering it was a teacher is a capital career. "We bid is five thousand five hundred gold, if number is much could also add two hundred gold." Young girl replied. "Mo" the burden, and bring it to the young lady." The wind yi order way. "Is less, the wind." Moiidea some puzzling, he didn't know he was carrying the burden is what things, don't really is no magic scroll. The girl will burden open, not from wu wear the small mouth out a sound, to see that there have been dozens of black iron magic scroll, of which there are two shining with bronze color bronze magic scroll.


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