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The Buena Vista, Fashionistas!

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The Buena Vista, Fashionistas!   Empty The Buena Vista, Fashionistas!

Post  huanglih Sat Sep 18, 2010 11:24 am

Sew, snip it, strut it, obsessed by the color photography thathe looks all

;I am!But in my life to her?it

personal, I'm lazy. I want to know all the tricks to be well dressed in 15 ... Well, more

than 45. At theCurrently, most ofus know Rule # 1 for the construction ofan

, a functional cabinet is to ask

these questions: Where can I wear this product?WhatIs what I wear with it?How often does

this event actually took place?I wish perhaps, II attended to?ners ofstate at the White

House or spent Wednesday on a yacht with the Prince of Casablanca, and had a reason to own

costumes Chanel Gucci swimwear, but is simply not the case. Mostly, I'm at work, at home in my car at theschool, with

friends. Ienjoys reading in the park, if I did come around the park, UGG Stormburst would be

more effective thana Classics. TheGrocery is another ritual. I go to the movies, barbecues,

or beach. Twice a year I find myself schlepping through airports or two to visit family,

towhere my commitment to Mayfair;the zipper can pass them off to safety much easier. This

leaves dance clubs and restaurants to inspire flashy strappier shoes. Apart from these

occasions, I wear jeans, flare or fitted, toa casual dress or sweater over leggings.

Personally, I only wear with a dress if II

hold?ons in a flattering color for the shoe, which keeps the?he displaced?ant on your body

instead of dividing your leg into three parts. And I 't have to wear Classics-Raya and Tess

both have three-inch heels and fantastic with a dress. And if you are still worried that

some evening at a local store, you will run into the very rich, very simple Prince of

Casablanca, known for its vegan-ethics and thelove the barely-there shoes, well, thatis why

you keep a ?you sandal T-strap six inches

in your dah trunk-ling!
its written by greatwonlt022 on 9.18


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